Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Five Coolest Hacks Of 2008!!!

Have a look at the five of the coolest hacks  covered  at Dark Reading in 2008 -- unusual and sometimes off-the-wall vulnerabilities that were exposed and exploited this past year by researchers who, driven by their curiosity and imagination, had some fun (possibly at your expense), but all for the ultimate purpose of making daily life more secure. So read more about this on below given link  -- and don't stop looking over your shoulder. Cheers!!!

Computer Security's Six Most Important Words Of 2008

Well, if you must know, 2008 was a year of tectonic shifts in IT security. The technologies changed, the economy changed, and the role of security changed. Even the people who make the laws about security changed. You could hardly swing a dead server without hitting some major security-shifting event, and most of those events will continue to have repercussions throughout the new year.

 If you need somebody to spell it out for you, Darkreading can do it!!!. Let's look more closely at the six words and what they meant for security in the past year on below given link.