Friday, August 21, 2009

Data breach avoidance begins with security basics, panel says

Companies can spend money fixing coding errors or invest millions in the latest and greatest security technologies, but still leave the business at risk to a major security breach if employees aren't properly trained and appropriate policies aren't set and enforced.

The biggest mistake leading to a data security breach is often pinpointed by investigators as a fundamental security error, according to a panel of experts who discussed the topic of data breaches Wednesday. The panel discussion, sponsored by security vendor, Bit9 Inc., included Bob Russo, general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council, Rich Baich, partner at Deloitte and Touche and former CISO of ChoicePoint and Tom Murphy, chief strategist of data protection vendor, Bit9.

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Hacker Used Twitter To Control Infected PCs

Criminals are finding inventive ways to exploit legitimate social networking services to help with their dirty work. One reason social networks are an attractive target for crooks is because their content is hard to monitor, and because people click on lots of links inside their accounts, which is a key way computer infections are spread.

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