Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Protect Yourself on Facebook

Most of us are well know about facebook. Many are addicted to social networking sites for various reasons.

Love them or hate them; social networking sites are here to stay. And the users are going to find ways to use them from home, from work, from smart phones, from shared computers, or from anywhere else they care to.

The whipped cream is out of the can. Now what can we do about it?

I found some intresting article on esecurityplanet site which talks about "How to Protect Yourself on Facebook"

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Trojans are fastest-growing data-stealing malware

Most of the rise in cybercrime can be linked to data-stealing malware, and trojans are the fastest growing category, according to a report released Monday by Trend Micro.
For example, in 2007, 52 percent of data-stealing malware were trojans; in 2008, that number increased to 87 percent, according to the report, titled Focus Report: Data Stealing Malware.

As of the first quarter of 2009, 93 percent of data-stealing malware were trojans.

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New Trojan stealing FTP credentials, attacking FTP websites

Security researchers have discovered a new Trojan that has harvested as many as 80,000 unique FTP server logins and is now beginning to target domains, injecting malicious scripts into compromised FTP sites.

o far up to 74,000 unique FTP sites are affected, according to security vendor Prevx, which discovered a server containing the FTP credentials. The list of FTP websites contains some high profile names, including software resellers of security vendors Symantec and McAfee, Bank of America, Amazon.com and others have been compromised.

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Most Dangerous Web Searches

In a new report, McAfee identifies what popular search keywords are most likely to lead to malware. The answers may surprise you, and give you pause as you search for your favorite song lyrics on Google. Last year, Google detected one trillion unique URLs on the Web at once. The vehicle that gets users to those places is search, but within those trillion URLs are a lot of dark alleyways that are home to attackers.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Record-Breaking Patch Tuesday Announced

In a record-breaking Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued 10 security bulletins and two security advisories this month. The bulletins address a total of 31 vulnerabilities, 17 of which are rated as critical. The previous record was 28 last December. Analysts said enterprises need all hands on deck to get systems patched as quickly as possible.
Of the patches issued this month, the most significant appear to be several that affect Internet Explorer, as the Web continues to be a preferred method of exploit by cybercriminals, according to Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager at Symantec Security Response.
"The four Internet Explorer fixes that address HTML object memory corruption vulnerabilities-the first ever patch for Internet Explorer 8 being among these-are of particular interest," Greenbaum said. "These weaknesses actually appear to be quite simple to exploit and we have observed malicious code being offered in malware toolkits that have taken advantage of very similar vulnerabilities."

5 Tips for Businesses Entering Web 2.0

Remember the good old days, when all you needed was a phone number and maybe a street address to get in touch with someone? Slowly, new fields were added to our contacts lists: fax numbers, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, instant messaging IDs, URLs. And on top of all that we've added LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and connections through Twitter, Tumblr and more.
Communication and the tools to do it are forever evolving, and at an alarming rate. While it may feel overwhelming at times, all these ways to connect represent a tremendous opportunity for building communities to help us find and share information faster and more easily. In fact, tapping into social media to manage projects is a very efficient and forward-thinking way to keep everyone in the loop and come up with the best ideas for reaching goals.