Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 Laptop Security Products

Keep a close eye on your laptop, folks; if you're not careful it may become one of the 12,000 laptops a Ponemon Institute and Dell Computer study shows get stolen each week at U.S. airports.
Most laptops go missing at security checkpoints or at the departure gates, the places where you're most likely to be distracted. Only 30 percent of travelers are ever able to recover their laptops.
What's worse, nearly half of the people in the study say their laptops contain customer data or confidential business information. Translation: we are all affected by laptop thievery.
Unfortunately, even if you guard your laptop with your life, there's no sure-fire way to prevent someone from snatching your data or laptop.

Thankfully, there are software and hardware solutions on the market to make your laptop more secure.

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