Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'BugDay' Planned To Fix Bugs in New Firefox 3.5

A "BugDay" has been set for the Mozilla community to focus on bugs in the just-released Firefox 3.5 The bugs in FireFox 3.5 include longer load times, crashes linked to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, and Windows XP compatibility. Mozilla plans to release Firefox 3.5.1 with the bug fixes later this month.

Mozilla is scrambling to fix bugs in its just-released Firefox 3.5 browser. Users are posting complaints about problems across the Web.

Those problems include longer load times and crashes linked to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. The browser also reportedly has problems with Windows XP. Mozilla has set a community "BugDay" for July 7 to address the bugs in open-source Firefox 3.5. 

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