Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance drive data protection market

In this difficult economy -- some say because of the economy -- data security remains a spending priority. Companies still must meet regulatory compliance requirements; layoffs, and the specter of impending layoffs, have exacerbated corporate concerns about employees taking sensitive information out the door.

It's true that every information security technology in some way involves the data protection market -- everything from network firewalls and desktop antivirus to application security products (Web application firewalls, code review tools, etc.) However, there are two critical markets that deal with data directly and are generating some serious business: mobile data security (laptop encryption and portable device control), which Forrester Research Inc. pegs at a $1 billion-plus business, and data leakage (or loss) prevention (DLP). Forrester estimates the DLP market will be between $200 million and $250 million this year, while Gartner estimates around $300 million.


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