Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World War 3.0: 10 Critical Trends for Cybersecurity

The Internet, private networks, VPNs, and a host of other technologies are quickly weaving the planet into a single, massively complex "infosphere." These connections cannot be severed without overwhelming damage to companies and even economies. Yet, they represent unprecedented vulnerabilities to espionage and covert attack.

These are the 10 Critical Trends for Cyberwar published on Enterprise security today website.

  • Technology Increasingly Dominates Both the Economy and Societ
  • Advanced Communications Technologies Are Changing the Way We Work and Live
  • The Global Economy Is Growing More Integrated
  • Research and Development Play a Growing Role in the World Economy
  • The Pace of Technological Change Accelerates with Each New Generation of Discoveries and Applications
  •  The United States Is Ceding Its Scientific and Technical Leadership to Other Countries
  • Technology Is Creating a Knowledge-Dependent Global Society
  • Militant Islam Continues to Spread and Gain Power
  •  International Exposure Includes A Growing Risk of Terrorist Attack
  • The World's Population Will Grow To 9.2 Billion by 2050

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